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Full Spectrum Prevention is one of SAFE Project's six lines of operation, a comprehensive approach to ending this epidemic. Its goal is to reduce the number of people engaging in substance use  through the following objectives:

  1. Advance prevention through applied research, based in evidence-based practice.
  2. Safeguard the role of prevention of substance use.
  3. Strengthen community resilience.
  4. Provide innovative prevention strategies.
  5. Promote prevention excellence by highlighting local examples that are working exceptionally well.

Statistics show that:

  • There is a savings of $18 for every dollar invested in evidence-based prevention strategies.  Cost savings come from reduced medical costs, increased productivity at work and school, reduced crime and better quality of life. (US Surgeon General’s 2016 Report on Alcohol, Drugs, & Health)
  • If effective school-based substance abuse prevention programs were implemented nationwide, substance abuse initiation would decline for 1.5 million youth. (National Criminal Justice Reference Center)
  • The average cost of a school based substance abuse preventive program to a single student: $9-$27.  The cost to a community for youth who engage in non-medical prescription opioid use: approximately $8,966 per year. (Duke University, 2014)