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Coalition Partner - Faith Communities

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Offer Programs for Positive Youth Development

There are many ways that faith communities can help build up protective factors in youth--such as the 40 Developmental Assets identified by the Search Institute.
  Some of these programs can be point-in-time events that specifically address substance misuse and others can provide opportunities for safe, positive relationships with caring adults or opportunities to serve others--creating confidence and building skills that reduce the likelihood of substance misuse.


Start a Recovery Ministry

There are a growing number of resources for helping churches start recovery ministries. One of those resources is Faithing Addiction


Host Parenting Classes

Create After-School Programming for Youth

Faith communities can offer their own programs or they can support (and help weave together) a variety of larger community-based programs. Programs ranging from gardening to disc golf leagues can provide positive social engagement and also have other health benefits--which may allow funding to be provided through community grants for healthy eating, active living, or substance abuse prevention. Low cost options include game nights or carpetball.


Invite People in Recovery to Participate in Your Community Garden

Fresh air, fresh food, positive relationships and the joy of growing veggies. How can that NOT be good for recovery?


Start Recovery Groups


Offer Training Programs for Youth

Faith communities can be an important way to connect with youth and provide them with education and motivation to reduce their likelihood of misusing drugs. One program that can be implemented is "In God's Image."
  Learn more about In God's Image.


Preach & Teach on Hope & Resiliency

HHS recommends that faith leaders preach and teach messages and sermons on hope and resiliency.[1]


  • Examples of sermon ideas on hope
  • Sermon central has many resources on for creating sermons,
  • Faith leaders can help reduce the stigma that is associated with opioid misuse and treatment so that people are more likely to seek help earlier.

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