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What can physicians do amid the opioid crisis?

The American Medical Association (AMA) urges all physicians to be leaders in helping end the opioid epidemic.[1] The AMA Opioid Task Force recommends physicians to:
  • Register for and use their state PDMP to make more informed prescribing decisions and/or treatment decisions
  • Ensure they have the education and training on effective, evidence-based treatment
  • Support and advocate for comprehensive care for patients in pain and whose with a substance use disorder
  • Remove stigma, which is essential to ending the nation's opioid epidemic
  • Expand access to naloxone in the community and through co-prescribing
  • Work with their patients to promote safe storage and disposal of opioids and all medications

The AMA urges that all barriers to treatment for substance use disorder should be removed.[2] Healthcare professionals can find out what they can do by clicking here to review and access the education and training resources for their state and specialty.


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