Coordinate & Improve Efforts to Reduce Illegal Sales of Opioids

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Drug Market Intervention Strategy
The Drug Market Intervention (DMI), first developed and implemented in High Point, NC, in 2004, is a proven strategy to eliminate neighborhood level overt drug markets. The DMI strategy mobilizes federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as well as community leaders and social service providers to identify a drug market and its dealers; arrest violent dealers; suspend cases for nonviolent offenders; and bring DMI partners together for a face-to-face “call-in” meeting with dealers and their family members to clearly communicate that selling drugs openly must stop. The call-in also provides a community message of support and an offer of help. In High Point and many other cities across the county, this approach has worked to close overt drug markets permanently and improve neighborhood safety. In 2014, the city of Rutland, Vermont, adapted the DMI approach—with initial assistance from my organization, the National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC)—to test whether its principles could disrupt a citywide covert heroin market with the same results. Since the implementation of DMI, Rutland has seen significant declines in both overall and drug-related crime. Since 2013, larceny and motor vehicle theft are down 31 percent; disorderly conduct is down 37 percent; vandalism is down 49 percent; and burglaries are down 53 percent.[1]

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TR - Coordinate & Improve Efforts to Reduce Illegal Sales of Opioids

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