Eliminate Insurance Company Prior Authorization for MAT

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In a letter to the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), the AMA urged all attorneys general to take action and work with insurers to end prior authorization on medication-assisted treatment (MAT).[1]
  “We need to remove any and all barriers to providing care for substance-use disorders. We also urge all payers to end policies that require patients to repeat step-therapy protocols or retry therapies failed under other benefit plans before qualifying coverage of a current effective therapy for substance-use disorders.” - Dr. Madara, AMA Executive Vice President and CEO[2]

Current Status

  • In one survey, 90 percent of physicians reported that prior authorization delays access to necessary care.[3]
  • In one survey, nearly 60 percent reported that patient care was delayed by at least a day because of these manual, time-consuming processes.[4]
  • In October 2016 Cigna ended a requirement that prevented providers from prescribing treatments for patients with opioid addiction without prior authorization. [5]
  • In January 2017 Anthem, the nation's second largest insurance company, also ended prior authorization[6]

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