Improve Ease of Use of PDMPs for Physicians

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Promising Practices


OpiSafe is an app developed by a team in Colorado that works as both a provider dashboard and a patient engagement tool.

For Providers:

  • This app gives doctors access to patient data from the a state run PDMP including:
    • What prescriptions people have taken
    • How many doctors they visited to get those prescriptions
    • Other medications the patient might be taking that might cause dangerous interactions
  • Patient information through the system in 15 seconds and display the data visually so doctors can easily see what it means
  • Shows PDMP data with toxicology lab reports for lab partners
    • Doctors can see if a patient is taking their medications or using other substances they might be restricted from using, like alcohol, marijuana or other medications

For Patients:

  • This app prompts patients to check in and share information such as how they’re feeling and how much medication they’ve taken in the last 24 hours
  • The medication agreement is also accessible via the app so patients have a clear understanding of their responsibilities

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Practice Mobilizer

Practice Mobilizer by Sikka Software is an app for veterinarians that creates a compliant Prescription Monitoring Report for state PDMP databases. With this app, veterinarians can track client and animal names, prescriptions, payments, prescription quantity and strength, and PDMP compliant weekly reports. This allows veterinarians to collect and report data in essentially real time.

Although this is specifically made for vets to track animals' prescriptions, this idea could be transformed into a tool for all doctors.

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