Improve Protective Factors to Reduce SUDs

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A key part of addressing the opioid crisis (and addiction in general) is to have a multi-faceted plan to reduce the factors that lead to people intentionally misusing medications or taking drugs and to increase the protective factors that reduce the likelihood of going down the path that leads to a Substance Use Disorder. 



Creating positive factors to help prevent drug abuse is essential to any prevention effort. These factors effect children throughout every stage of their lives. Making sure to focus on these stages and the factors throughout them is something that is extremely important for prevention. Another important thing to take into account when thinking about protective factors is that they compound on each other, the development of a good relationship may lead to interest in extracurricular activities. According to some very effective protective factors include: Self-control, Parental monitoring, Academic competence, Anti-drug use policies, and Strong neighborhood attachment. [1] These factors do not only apply to drug abuse as creating positive protective factors can help prevent mental illness which in turn can help prevent SUDs.

Tools & Resources offers a good fact sheet on risk factors and protective factors. [2] 

The Search Institute identifys  a framework of 40 developmental assets that lead to positive youth development.

TR - Improve Protective Factors to Reduce SUDs


Promising Programs

Communities that Care

CTC guides communities through a proven five-phase change process. Using prevention science as its base, CTC promotes healthy youth development, improves youth outcomes, and reduces problem behaviors. The foundation of CTC is the "Social Development Strategy."


  • 25% less likely to have initiated delinquent behavior
  • 32% less likely to have initiated the use of alcohol
  • 33% less likely to have initiated cigarette use than control community youths
Find out how to bring CTC to your community here.
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Communities That Care
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