Increase Tapering off Opioid Pain Medication

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One key to reducing prescriptions of opioids is to have a clear focus on helping people who are taking prescription opioids to taper off through a multi-faceted and personalized approach. This involves several key practices:
  • Addressing pain issues in alternate ways
  • Addressing mental health issues
  • Addressing life issues that may contribute to misuse
  • Testing for use (to detect diversion) and misuse
  • Checking of the PDMP and updating information
  • Targeted education and use contracts
  • Reducing amount of opioids being prescribed
  • andother things.

The work in Morrison County, MN is a good example of this. [1]
These videos tell the story:
Overview video:

CHA Achievement Award videos:

This presentation has more details: (Start at slide 41 in this presentation.)
Add outcome details from slide 57 and following.

The GuideMed program can make it easy and cash flow-positive to adopt many of the practices done in Morrison County (but not all of them).
This video shows how GuideMed works.


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