Increase the Use of Analytics to Target Promotion of Earlier Treatment Initiation

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Because it is very beneficial to help people begin treatment earlier rather than later in their path of dealing with opioid misuse, dependence and addiction, it makes sense to target outreach, messaging and communication to people in ways that support their choice in seeking help. Marketing experts have become very sophisticated in how they develop micro-segments of larger populations and target their messaging and communication options to reduce their costs and increase the impact of their spending on marketing. Coalitions working to address the opioid crisis can leverage some of these powerful techniques and technologies to increase the effectiveness (and lower the costs) of a variety of types of communication and outreach efforts that help people more rapidly move to the most appropriate types of treatment and recovery.

Some profit-oriented organizations that may not have the best interests of the patients in mind may use these techniques to maximize their profits. Organizations and coalitions that are genuinely seeking to most effectively and efficiently help address this crisis should consider how they can leverage these powerful techniques and tools to optimize the positive impact they can have with limited resources.

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