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Potential Action Steps for Individuals

Get personally trained to be an "Angel" to help people break free from addiction

  • Angel Initiatives tap into a variety of training programs to help ordinary people (with or without the lived experience of dealing with addiction) become the friends and navigators that can help people who are seeking to break free from substance misuse and addiction.   The Angels can be long-time friends who help connect the person with the resources that will help them avoid substance misuse and sustain a successful recovery.  The training can range from a 2-hour training program to a more in-depth training that may be 8 hours or more.  

Helping launch or expand an Angel Initiative program in your community

  • Volunteer to do Internet research, send E-mails and make calls to learn about the status of any Angel Initiatives in your community or state (and learn what would be most helpful for them to expand). 
  • Help promote the Angel program to the broad range of communtiy members who might come to the Police Departments to get help (social media, traditional media, networking)
  • Help recruit people to be volunteers with the Angel Program  (social media, traditional media, networking)
  • Help provide administrative support for the Angel Program (so police officers can be back to other work more quickly when a person comes in)
  • Share ideas on how to enhance an Angel Initiative with digital tools (like rTribe or myStrength) and with innovative funding sources (like Reatly4Rehab or The Give Back Program). 

Helping build the tools to expand Angel Initative programs around the country

  • Summarize information from many different sources into the OCRH (this wiki)   Start with the "Resources to Investigate Page"
  • Gather information about organizations and websites that provide information and technical assistance for Police Departments interested in launching or expanding an Angel Initiative
  • Help find and organize the best available training materials for police officers who are part of an Angel Initiative.
  • Help find, organize or create training materials for volunteers who will become "Angels" or otherwise be volunteers to support the program in some way.
  • Help create social media content or other public relations material to support the outreach to people who would use the Angel Initative or volunteer with the Angel Initiative. 
  • Do research and organize information for states that are looking to expand programs similar to an Angel Initiative across their state. 
  • Create a summary document of various Angel Initiatives, how they were launched, what lessons they learned, and what enhancements they added (or tried).