PAI - Introduce Your Coalition to the OCRH

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Most opioid or substance abuse coalitions are not aware of the abundant information and free resources in the Opoid Coalition Resource Hub (OCRH).
You can take actions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your coalition by sharing the OCRH with them.  Here are some suggestions:
1) Find out information about your local substance abuse or opoiod coalitions, including who the leaders are, what "Action Teams" they have established (or whatever they call groups working on specific topics) and who their board members and/or sponsors are.   The leaders, action team members, board members and sponsors are all people who would benefit from learning about the OCRH and who could take steps to nudge the coalition toward making greater use of these resources. 
2) Send an E-mail either before or after you have a discussion with some of these key leaders and stakeholders. 
Add example E-mail. 
3) Introduce each working group to the parts of the OCRH that are most relevant for their working group.