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Potential Actions

  • Use Natural Supplements to detox from opioids:[1]
    • REST: supports relief from painful opioid withdrawal symptoms and may help shorten detox from opioids.
      • This supplement is a strong muscle relaxant and natural sleeping formula.
      • By actively calming the muscles of the body with powerful muscle relaxants, and by flooding the brain with mood enhancers, serotonin-producers & calming agents, “Rest” helps you slow down, relieve stress, & soothe the body allowing you to deal with life’s anxieties better.
      • Increased relaxation decreases the desire to continue taking opioids.
    • ATTITUDE: mood enhancement formula that promotes positive outlook
      • This supplement helps rebuild the body's natural neurotransmitter systems and reset natural opiate production in the body.
      • Acts as "amino acid therapy" or "detox therapy."
    • ACTIVITY: enhances mental performance and speed critical thinking slowed by opioid addiction.
      • This supplement replaces worn out neurons and repair damaged synapses in the brain.
      • Boosts natural serotonin and dopamine levels.
      • It supports greater memory and thought processes.