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Potential Measures

As you add potential measures, please include a description, calculations for the measure and possible data sources.

Measure Description Calculations Data Sources
  1. of Parents signed up on Safe Homes Network
  1. of Restaurants committed to distributing "talk to your kids about drugs" stickers
  1. of Faith groups or churches that are hosting parenting classes or workshops
  1. of Schools providing information about drugs to parents
  1. of Youth improving their relationship with their parents (using Gobi)
With the Gobi program, youth are asked to rate their relationship with their parents on a scale of 1 (terrible) to 10 (Great!) at the beginning and end of the 60-day program. This measure counts the # of youth who increased their rating by at least 2 points. (This can be done by ZIP code, cluster of ZIP codes or Area Code).    


Potential Data Sources

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