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Playing ACES CHESS Borne

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Brief History: Playing ACES CHESS (Active Chess Education for all Students via Communities Helping to Educate Success Scholars) started out as a need voiced by Judy Larrick the TAG Programs Coordinator at Stone-Robinson Elementary School in Albemarle County, Virginia home to the University of Virginia. Mrs. Larrick has put out a request to any parents who could help reignite the school's after-school chess club. Nate Szejniuk, a retired US Navy Chief, answered the call. Nate had been playing chess for over 50 years and playing on this high school chess team in the early 1970's at the same time the infamous Bobby Fischer became the 1st American to be crowned World Chess Champion. Later a movie, Pawn Sacrifice, would be made about that road to become the World Chess Champion.

The name, Playing ACES CHESS, was derived because of a need to create a positive mantra. ACES because the word is associated with being the best like a flying ACES, etc. and the word CHESS needed to be part of the name to be very clear about the focus of the emerging organization. Since there is a well-known Bridge group known as a the Playing ACES adding the word CHESS was critical.

After a couple of years of getting to know the community and working with a various groups it became clear that a Strategy Map needed to be created. Go to the Playing ACES CHESS Strategy Map. You will notice that the map can be used anywhere. All Nate Szejniuk ask is that your local chess initiative recognize that you don't have to start from scratch.