Minimize Substance Use During Pregnancy

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Brief Description

Introductory Paragraph

Write a few sentences offering some introductory background information on this topic. The information here should be what you would want a reader to know about this topic and why it is important. This section should be high-level enough to provide an overview of the issue and/or strategy for professionals who may not be subject matter experts or well-versed on this topic.

Key Information

Please capture a deeper dive of the content in this section, to include any relevant subtopics or important things happening in the field the reader should be situationally aware of right now. You may have multiple paragraphs here with subtitles, if needed. While are not the experts and do not need to write out every detail about the subtopic like a research paper, we should make an attempt to fully capture the landscape of important things to know and link to any external information that may be helpful if the reader wants to learn more information.

Relevant Research

In this section, please capture any recent findings, reports, or data on the topic. Please also highlight any gaps or existing disparities. Please include references and links to the information so that we may add a footnote for the reader to find further information. Do we have any available research about discriminatory practices? Is there information about the value of access to educational opportunities?

Impactful Federal, State, and Local Policies

Please list any federal, state, or local laws, policies, or regulations that support this topic or ones that could be a possible barrier. Are there laws or policies other states should know about and replicate for success?

Available Tools and Resources

Oftentimes, there are already great resources in the field that have been developed, but they are not housed in a single place. Please use this section to share information about those resources and drive the reader to that resource. It may be a worksheet, toolkit, fact sheet, framework/model, infographic, new technology, etc. I suggest no more than 5 really good links and a corresponding description for the reader. We also can use this section to highlight some of the great resources and programs at SAFE Project.

Promising Practices

Please link to any best practice models or case studies that highlight creative/innovative or successful efforts in support of this strategy. Is there a community that does a really good job in this area that other communities should replicate? Please write a brief description and provide a link.