PO - Coordinate and develop policies and programs to support family members

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This page has examples of content that a community may use when developing objectives for their own unique local strategy.   These are not intended  to be take word for word, but rather to be a starting place so every community doesn't need to start from scratch.   The descriptions and From-To Gaps should be focused on this speciific objective, not the larger strategy.  

Examples of a Description for this Objective

SInce most of the current policies, programs and practices in the family court system are confrontational, it will take intentional change to develop new policies programs and practices. 


Examples of a From-To Gap

Current State (Year)


Desired State  (Year)

model where the purpose of exploring the history of the family is to collect evidence for court or negotiations.


A model where the purpose of exploring history is to support family members and to develop family well-being within their situation (with better understanding to support healing and approaches that take past trauma into consideration).

A lack of supports or uncoordinated supports for families in the family justice system directed to what families need to achieve their well-being.


Accessible supports, in the context of the family justice system, customized to the needs of the families and supporting their family well-being.


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