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List of all the ARRCC Pre-Launch Materials  

Background Information

Introduction video for the ARRCC Pre-Launch Program (24 minutes)

ARRCC Pre-Launch Program Overview and Schedule

Details for Participants in the ARRCC Pre-Launch Program.pdf


E-Learning Courses

These courses are not specifc to ACEs and Resilience, but they provide important training on the underlying concepts, terms and techniques used to develop and manage community heatlh improvement strategies.  The Overview Course is about 2 hours, and it is the content from a half-day workshop that was focusing on developing and implementing strategies for chronic disease prevention (excluding the hands-on exercises).  The techniques and concepts are relevant to any topic where a collaborative community strategy is needed to achive sustainable success. 

Overview Course, please make time to sign up and go through the content (< 2 hours). It is an important foundation for this program. Here is the link to access it.
If you are a first-time user for InsightFormation's E-learning courses, you will need to set up a user name and password for your Thinkific Account.

The Mastery course dives deeper into the tools for strategy mapping and more examples of how they can be applied. This uses the same E-learning platform:

(Much of this E-Learning course is content we've edited from the Mastery Course Workshops done during this course, but there will be other content, too.)


Dropbox Link for the Strategy Maps and PowerPoint Decks for the Workshops

ARRCC Strategy Maps and Workshop PowerPoint decks

Mastery Course for Managing Community Health Improvement Strategies


Recordings of Training Sessions

ARRCC Pre-Launch Workshops:

Workshop 1 on January 9:

Workshop 2 on February 6:

Workshop 3 on March 5:

Workshop 4 on April 9: 

Workshop 5 on May 14: 

Workshop 6 on June 11    Part 1: Reflections on the program, lessons learned, etc.    (Note: Much of the discussion of current events was edited out.) 

                                         Part 2:  Building out details on the Asset & Capacity Building part of the strategy map:


Mastery Course Workshops

Mastery Workshop 1 on January 21

Mastery Workshop 2 on February 24:

Mastery Workshop 3 on March 27

First 40 minutes

Comments on the Mastery Training:

"Very helpful. Detail was very helpful and necessary for my own understanding. Thank-you Bill!"

"Going through this has been very helpful. This was great."

"Enjoying it very much."

"Thank you, this was helpful"

"Thanks, Bill. Appreciate the training."

"I appreciated the sample questions."


Mastery Workshop 4 on April 24: The Art of Measuring 

Mastery Workshop 5 on May 18: More on Measuring 

Mastery Workshop 6 on June 22: Developing and Managing Actions

Excerpts from Recorded Coaching Sessions

9-minute session with Nashua (please watch)


Instructions for Using the ARRCC Wiki 

Registering to be able to access the ARRCC Wiki