Fewer People Develop Dependence or SUD

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A key outcome of a comprehensive strategy is that fewer people will develop a dependence on opioids and other drugs or progress to the point where they've developed an Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  This means that even if they had some initial level of misuse, they stopped misusing the drugs before they developed a dependence.   For every person that has developed a dependence, there are many that are misusing substances but have not yet developed a dependence.  That doesn't mean that they are safe.  Some people develop dependence faster than others.  A comprehensive strategy should focus on multiple ways to help people stop misusing all substances before they develop the dependence or addiction. 



Statistics on People Moving from Misuse to Dependence and to having an SUD

Dependence and the development of an SUD can happen at different paces for different people.  Many people who may misuse opioids or other drugs may not have developed a dependence or SUD yet, but that doens't mean that continued use may not lead them to develop a dependence or addiction.