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Potential Actions

  • Pass out stickers to restaurants which encourage parents to talk to their kids about drugs to local restaurants to put on takeout container or pizza boxes
    • Restaurants then can put stickers on containers or boxes to distribute to local homes
  • Create a local Families Anonymous Group
  • Promote local Families Anonymous Group
  • Give pediatrician practices handouts or facts sheets to distribute
    • At pediatrician appointments, parents can receive age-appropriate fact sheets on drug use and communicating with your child

Potential Partners

  • Faith Communities:
    • Host parenting workshops
    • Preach and teach on parenting and raising children
    • Host support groups for parents with children struggling with addiction, in treatment, or in recovery
    • Handout any of the guides in Tools & Resources on communicating with teens
  • Local Restaurants
  • Schools
    • Include section in Newsletters about talking to your kids about drugs
  • Doctors Offices