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Below is a strategy map template for communities to address the opioid crisis. This strategy map template provides the organizing structure of the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub. Click on an objective box to open the corresponding page. Use the link "Return to Opioid Top Level Strategy Map" at the top of each topic page to return here. Click on the plus to load the "zoom" sub-level map.


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Reduce Crime, Law Enforcement & Corrections Costs  Decrease_Health_Costs_&_Employment_Problems_due_to_Opioid_Misuse Minimize Babies Born with Opioid Dependence
Improve Family Well-Being & Reduce Foster Care Costs Decrease_Deaths_due_to_Opioid_Misuse Reduce_Opioid_Drug_Misuse
Fewer_People_Start_to_Misuse_Drugs Fewer_People_Develop_Dependence_or_SUD People with SUDs Experience Long-term Recovery
Harms_from_Drug_Abuse_are_Minimized Improve_Protective_Factors_to_Reduce_SUDs Educate Communities to Prevent First-Time Use & Misuse
Reduce Access to Opioids for Misuse Increase_Early_Interventions_for_People_Misusing_Drugs Expand_Harm_Reduction_Practices
Prioritize_SUD_Treatment_over_Incarceration Support & Advance Effective Treatment Improve Recovery Supports
Improve Economic & Social Factors that Lead to Substance Abuse Reduce Over-Prescription of Opioids Reduce Diversion of Prescription Drugs
Increase_Access_to_Overdose_Reversal_Medications Expand Access to Optimized Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Disrupt the Supply of Heroin & Synthetic Opioids
Expand Steps to Minimize Opioid Use During Pregnancy or Pregnancy During Opioid Use Become_a_Trauma-Informed_Community Increase_Awareness_of_the_Crisis_and_Urgency_for_Action
Reduce_Stigma Improve_Teamwork_Among_Existing_Programs_&_Coalitions Adopt_Key_Legislative_&_Policy_Changes_to_Address_the_Opioid_Crisis
Strengthen_the_Coalition to Reduce Substance Use Engage_Youth_to_Improve_Communication_&_Prevention Improve Data and Analysis on All Aspects of the Opioid Crisis
Engage Healthcare & Treatment Professionals to Address the Opioid Crisis Increase Resources to Address the Opioid Crisis  




ZOOM MAP - Improve Protective Factors to Reduce SUDs ZOOM MAP - Educate Communities to Prevent First-Time Use & Misuse ZOOM MAP - Reduce Over-Prescription of Opioids
ZOOM MAP - Reduce Diversion of Prescription Drugs ZOOM MAP - Increase Early Intervention for People Misusing Drugs ZOOM_MAP_-_Prioritize_SUD_Treatment_Over_Incarceration
ZOOM MAP - Expand Steps to Minimize Opioid Use During Pregnancy or Pregnancy during Opioid Use ZOOM_MAP_-_Support_&_Advance_Effective_Treatment ZOOM_MAP_-_Improve_Recovery_Supports
ZOOM_MAP_-_Expand_Access_to_Optimized_MAT ZOOM MAP - Improve Teamwork Among Existing Programs & Coalitions ZOOM MAP - Become a Trauma-Informed Community
ZOOM MAP - Expand Harm Reduction Practices    


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