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SAFE Project is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to overcoming the epidemic of addiction in the United States. Using a collaborative, multi-pronged and non-partisan approach, their key initiatives focus on SAFE Communities, SAFE Campuses, SAFE Workplaces, and SAFE Veterans. Key initiatives are fueled by SAFE Project’s six lines of operation: public awareness, full-spectrum prevention, prescriptions & medical response, law enforcement & criminal justice, treatment & recovery and family outreach & support. SAFE turns hope into action for communities, campuses, and veterans through transformative programs, training, and technical assistance. In November 2019, SAFE Project acquired SAFE Solutions, formally known as the Opioid Coalition Resource Hub (OCRH). For more information, please contact SAFE Project directly at


SAFE Project was founded in November 2017 by Admiral James and Mary Winnefeld, following the loss of their 19-year old son Jonathan to an accidental opioid overdose. Read more about Jonathan Winnefeld.

The Winnefelds immediately channeled their grief into action, hoping to save more families from the pain of loss. Whether it was seeking treatment, getting answers, or understanding the nature of the disease – they knew there needed to be a different solution to help other families facing the same journey with substance use disorder.


To contribute in a tangible way to overcoming the addiction epidemic in the United States.


To support action that will prevent fatal drug overdoses, and to otherwise mitigate substance use disorder’s impact on our society.