PA - Expand and Enhance Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

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Potential Actions

  • Get to know your states PDMP.
  • If your state does not have a PDMP begin to talk with the policy makers about how to get one implemented.
  • Start conversations with the local hospitals, pharmacists and other stakeholders about the challenges of implementing this program.
  • Learn stats from your local PDMP
  • Hold discussions/focus groups on how to make inputting data consistent across the state.
  • Hold discussions/focus groups about the challenges to in these programs and solutions.
  • Look for grants and other creative funding opportunities.
  • Research opportunities to share information across state lines.
  • Educate providers about the importance of using a PDMP system.
  • Establish protocols that make it easier to input data into the system.
  • Delegate system users other than physicians.


Potential Partners